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Dondon Monteverde

Renowned veteran film producer Dondon Monteverde is another prominent name in Philippine cinema. Monteverde together with Matti also spearhead film production company Reality Entertainment - known for their fresh concepts and daring ideas, some of which have earned international recognition further putting Philippine cinema in the international spotlight.

Erik Matti

Award-winning filmmaker Erik Matti is one of the Philippines’ leading directors. Matti gained his international reputation with the success of his critically acclaimed films Buy Bust, On the Job and Honor Thy Father.

Dave Yu

At the helm of Mothership is Dave Yu, a multi-awarded VFX supervisor and artist with over 17 years of experience. His vast technical knowledge and innovative methods continue to lead Mothership as the Philippines’ leading VFX studio.

Peter Collias

From downunder in the outback known as Australia, Peter Collias leads the creative team at Mothership. Having worked on The Matrix (1999), Dark City (1998) and Ghost Rider (2007), his experience as Art Director concept designer and sceneic creator fuels Mothership's creative engine.

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